What Is Om Telolet Om? The answer is …

What Is Om Telolet Om? – This word suddenly worldwide, everyone asked what he meant. But, people in Indonesia already mengathui intent. Only some have Indonesia, Indonesia may now everyone already knows.

Outside Indonesia, Europe, Asia, the Americas to Africa became curious because Tolelot Om Om is a Worldwide Trends. I’m sure you’re also curious to find answer ..: D

om tolelot om

It is a term popularized by ‘a group of children’ in Java. And you know Java? This is the island where the city of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Semarang are. A group of small children were screaming OM TOLELOT OM that the bus driver would honk ‘bus horn’ them.

Now not only do small child, adolescent and adults feel happy if it failed to hear the bus horn. : D

And now you can see ‘The power of “OM TELOLET OM” … This is crazy, hahaha